Austin City Limits | Zilker Park

Austin City Limits | Zilker Park


Hello, my name is Kimberly Giambrone. From nine to six (plus some), I’m a creative project manager living in Austin, Texas. Born in Florida, I left the sunny skies and sandy coast in July 2015 to take a leap of faith into the land of breakfast tacos and live music. Any spare hours are spent with my boyfriend, Kyle, our 2½ year old Weimaraner rescue pup, Whistler (@whistlertheweim), friends and family. I lead the daily quest for the perfect shade of lipstick, the darkest cup of coffee, and the things that make me most happy.

I am an amateur photographer & blogger with hopes of inspiring others through my actions and leaving my best story with each of you.

I appreciate your support.

Kind Regards,
KG ❤

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