4 Ways To Feel Happy Today


For a long time, I've echoed a mantra from The Secret, "your thoughts become your things". Sometimes though! UGH. Life can get cloudy, and you lose sight of your goals. I thought I'd switch it up and share four things to power you through this week! If you were hoping happiness was coming in the form of spun sugar (it does),...this is just a little different.

  • Be present.

Worry is the number one thief of joy. The worries of tomorrow can be tackled tomorrow. Focus on what's directly in front of you. Every screen we own seems to pull us away from the moment of now. Appreciate what's going on where your feet are, as Tom Coughlin might say. Each moment you give away is one you cannot relive.

  • Be mindful.

We are so quick to speak our next thought that too often we forget to listen. The details of the story get lost in thought. While the now is important, additionally is what brought each of us to where we are today. Empathy is something I wish the world could master (not that I have). Empathy and mindfulness seem to go hand in hand. Mindfulness is about taking a moment to be silent, and remember that we are all on separate journeys. These journeys did not start in the same place. When someone "wrongs you", breathe. Mindfulness teaches us to take into account someone's story, their details, and not to let these things go unnoticed.

  • Be accountable.

Accountability can be so many things. Not showing up late. Owning your mistakes. Realizing your work, your actions, and your words are all a part of how you're perceived by the world. Each day you wake up, there are people counting on you. Hold yourself accountable to putting forth your best effort.

  • Count your blessings.

Each week my Erin Condren planner* has a blank square to write down a thankful thought. Getting in touch with gratitude and appreciation is the only way to live a happy life. Sometimes when things get overwhelming, I force myself to speak my accomplishments aloud. It's not to boast, but to remind yourself how far you've come. That things aren't so bad. In fact, life is pretty good after all the dust settles.

*If you're interested, the link above will save you $10 OFF your next Erin Condren purchase. I use mine daily to keep my goals in front of me, and remind myself what I'm supposed to be doing every hour of the day. HAHA.

Erin Condren Planner

Happy Monday, ladies! Have a great week.

P.S. - Coffee & cotton candy are also checks in the happiness column.