A Sunny New Name


You may have noticed a new name, a new handle - and yes, change was long overdue! When I started my blog three years ago, I bought a domain name on a whim because it felt like I was never going to start until I just dove in. #NoRegrets My old name “the KINI” had little significance - just the first two letter of my first and middle name KImberly NIcole. So creative, right?! Hah!

Not only was the pronunciation confusing, to be honest, I didn’t really feel great telling people that was the name of my blog or that I even HAD a blog. I felt like I had to lead with “I bought my domain on a whim”. Let’s all agree -- it wasn’t a great name! :D

As many of you know, this year is a very busy one for me. I’m getting married in October, and we’re closing on our first house sometime in the Fall (*fingers crossed*). In marriage, I’ve chosen to take my fiance’s last name which is Speckman. I’ve been playing around with words for months - literally months! Because I really wanted this next blog name to really FEEL right.


“A Speck of Sunshine” encompasses my new last name and my hometown roots in the Sunshine State (aka Florida)! Not only that, but one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed writing and having the desire to start a blog is to connect with other and give people a place of encouragement. The Internet can be a shady place sometimes, and I hope anyone that crosses my path (online or offline) leaves feeling filled with joy!