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There are so many ways to spend your time in this life. There’s a lot of down time - whether it be commuting to work or parking yourself in front of the TV after you get home. I have a huge obsession with podcasts - mainly because they help keep me focused when I'm doing tasks like folding laundry or washing dishes. Haha!

It all started back in high school - before podcasts were even podcasts.

I started listening to This American Life on the radio (yes..all you Gen Z’s - go Google what that's like). I would get so hooked on these stories from across the world. They would grip me, and I would get super bummed out if I missed the beginning or missed it completely because - hello..no rewinding radio in the early 2000s.

Anyway, fast-forward to today, and podcasts are popping up everywhere. Everyone is creating their own podcast -- which is cool! You can find podcasts on SO many different topics. I feel like there’s a lot that was missed in my education journey on topics like personal finance, politics, science, etc. And, today I listen to fascinating podcasts that fall into all sorts of categories. So, if you’ve never listened to podcasts and you’re looking for a place to start, I’ve curated my starter list to help you jump into the podcast scene.

  • This American Life: I would be wrong to not start here, as this is what sucked me into this habit. The show started in 1995. So, it’s possible that someone reading this wasn’t even alive yet! I digress. So, mostly this show is based on a theme. Then, the host, Ira Glass, brings you different stories all tied to that theme. You never know where they are going, and it will take you on quite a ride. Shoutout to the OG!

  • How I Built This: If you’re a dreamer or entrepreneur you’re going to L-O-V-E this podcast. Host, Guy Raz, interviews business owners about their journey from concept to empire. Guests include the late Kate Spade, Ron Shaich of Panera Bread, Jane Wurwand of Dermalogica and so many others! It will leave you feeling like you want to write a 50-page business plan. So inspiring!

  • Planet Money: This isn’t your run of the mill “here’s how you save money” podcast. Although, I should probably listen to more of those. Ha! Planet Money talks about all sorts of financial-related topics. Like, have you ever wondered why we use a signature for purchases? On the back of your card? Planet Money can answer that. It makes the economy fun! Yes, I said that.

  • Ear Hustle: This is one of my more recent finds, and I’m hooked. I listen to a lot of true crime, but this flips the script and shows you the other side. Ear Hustle is produced inside San Quentin by Nigel Poor, Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams. Earlonne and Antwan are currently incarcerated and bring stories of life inside prison. To say this show is powerful is not doing it justice. I’m a firm believer in making the best of what’s in front of you and this show really makes you rethink all the stereotypes our society holds about the incarcerated population.

  • Underdog Podcast: My friend Scott Kujak started his podcast less than a year ago, and I’m constantly impressed with the guests he finds to feature. If you’re in need of a jump start in the inspiration department, his podcast brings it every single time. Featuring guests that have faced tough times and risen above, the stories range from facing cancer to overcoming drug addiction. The stories are amazing, and remind you that you can conquer anything with the will to do so.

I hope this list inspires you to start listening more - do you have any favorites?! Some of my favorite I haven't even shared here. If you want my full list, comment below!