CIAO, 2017!



Boy was I happy to say "so long" to 2016. Don’t get me wrong, lots of awesome stuff happened last year.

The Good Stuff:

  • I traveled to Europe for the first time (see my last post).

  • I transferred back to my old company for an awesome position.

  • I moved into a house with a yard for my dog.

  • One of my best friends got married.

  • I saw lots of amazing live music (Beyoncé, Drake, SXSW, ACL, Wiz + Snoop…).

  • I made lots of new friends...sorry Drake. :)

  • I tried yoga for the first time.

  • I had my Austinversary (one year in Austin, already!).

  • I started THIS blog you’re reading!

Above are some random photos of some fun times from last year. 

I guess I’m a little salty over the end of 2016 because I was diagnosed with shingles on Dec. 30th. Total buzzkill. It sent sharp, burning pain through the left side of my back around to my underarm. It is MUCH better now. I still have some red marks on my back, but I feel like I got really lucky because it could have been much worse.

Regardless, it’s a new year, and no matter how cliche it is to say, January is such a metamorphic time of year. I feel like my mind accepts resetting and transformation so much easier than other times of the year.

Instead of setting lots of ridiculous resolutions this year, I did a personal exercise to choose a focal word for the year.  I’m going to keep coming back to this word and challenge myself on whether I’m living it or not. I will focus on this word throughout the year and try to embody in all aspects of life. The word I chose was mindful. Shout out to one of my previous directors, Char, who I believe instilled this in my brain. She was a great boss, and I loved working on her team. One of the things I learned from her was to be mindful. Especially in my work, but also with my words and actions. Being mindful can mean so many things, but for me, it started with being honest with myself over whether or not I was always giving 100% of my effort.

When you have people counting on you, 90% isn’t good enough. You have to come in with your “A” game every day.

So, what’s ahead?

I’m working on building up my content and revamping my blog. I want to travel more. We have a trip to Cabo planned in May. I just finished the Whole30 challenge which I’m hoping I conquered it a few pounds lighter (post to come on my experience). I want to be more mindful (see that?!) of my passions. I have a nice camera, so I want to take some photography classes. I also plan to work on my Italian, so I can move past CIAO. :]

I am wishing each of you the best for the year ahead. Do your best to make each day GREAT. You deserve all the good things in life.